To initiate QRHal's patented online signage service the person who wishes to create a Showcase, i.e. usually the owner of a vehicle that is for sale, must first access the portal to QRHal''s unique, user-friendly Showcase Data Entry form.  There detail text information about the vehicle can be recorded and photos and videos uploaded. QRHal’s patented system then automatically creates an online Showcase from the data and images [  Example of Typical Showcase ] and at the same time creates, and dispatches to the Showcase's owner, an eye catching, QRHal.com icon label [  Example of a Typical Label ]  The label contains a QRHal.com icon which, when scanned by a passer-by’s smartphone or mobile device, displays the Showcase.  Typically the person who creates a Showcase receives their QRHal icon label within three (3) days - excluding Sunday and holidays - after creating a Showcase.  Upon receipt of the label the label needs to be affixed to a window or body panel of the vehicle in such a way that the QR code on the label is visible to people who pass by the vehicle.  Window surface is preferred.  Always clean the surface well before affixing the label.

The Showcase Data Entry form first asks only minimal information that identifies you - name, address, email ID. We do not ask for your telephone number unless you authorize QRHal.com to submit prospect contact information to you by SMS. If you authorize SMS messages for prospect contact information we need the phone number to know where we should direct the SMS. We do not use your phone number in any other way nor do we reveal your name, address, email ID, or telephone number to any one and particularly not a prospect.

You may upload up to four (4) image files - videos or photos - showcasing a vehicle. Suggested length for each video is not longer than 90 seconds and file size not greater than 125Kb. Larger files have a tendency to not upload properly.  If for any reason an image file does not upload properly please remove and/or replace that file with another. You should always always be certain that all images have uploaded properly before selecting “REMIT” as files which do not upload properly will not be visible on the Showcase.  If you experience real difficulty in uploading simply do not go forward with completing the Showcase Data Entry form and seek our assistance help@qrhal.com.

Following the image upload field is a free form text field.  This field accepts up to 800 characters to describe any aspect of the vehicle you wish.

Following the free form text field are several drop down windows with selections designed to give a single word statement about the condition of selected vehicle systems. The possible selections are “Great”, “Good”, OK”, “Horrible”, and “Unknown”.

GREAT  - describes a system which is exceptional shape in all respects. Very few used vehicles fall into this category. The vehicle’s paint has no flaws and is free of excessive chips and dings. The interior and exterior are free of damage.   The engine purrs like a kitten.  A vehicle is really “great” if maintenance records are available. Transmission goes forward and backward without a sound or problem. No leaks from engine or transmission. Brakes stop every time without pulling to either side and make no noise at any time. Steering is aligned and vehicle does not pull to either side. Ignition key matches door key and always works the first time. Suspension rides like sitting on a pillow. No bodyshop man has ever seen the frame. Tires match (tread as well as sizes).

GOOD  - describes a system that shows wear and tear consistent with the vehicle’s age. No major mechanical or cosmetic problems. Exterior paint job still looks good. Fresh/recent paint jobs don’t qualify as “good”. They are actually “bad” unless they are superior and signed by the artist. The quality of a psychedelic paint job depends on how stoned you are at the moment of evaluation. The interior has minimal wear on seats and carpets. Vehicles with air fresheners hanging on rear view mirror may not belong in the GOOD category. Tires are decent shape and have life left on them.

OK  - describes a system which may have a few issues that may require a small investment to fix. Maybe the exterior paint has faded. There could be lots of scratches and dings – even a small dent or two. The interior dash and seats may have a worn, faded look to them. Vehicles with 30,000 miles on odometer and driver’s seat which is worn out do not belong in the OK category. The tires are probably past their prime but still safe. No Maypops please. Maintenance records for the several systems probably don’t exist but none of the systems would cause the vehicle to not pass state and local inspections.

HORRIBLE - These systems are extremely easy to identify. The engine is accomplished at singing “I hear you knocking”. The exterior and/or interior may be in dire need of reconditioning in terms of faded or missing paint and/or upholstery. There are dents and some signs of rust.  Body men either salivate or cringe at the site of these vehicles depending upon how much money you have to spend.  Maypop tires earn "horrible" classification.  Critical systems may fail a state or local inspection on first try.  Any system that renders a vehicle inoperable is a "horrible" condition.

Of course, if you have no knowledge of the condition of a particular system you should select "unknown".  But, please, don't just select "unknown" simply to avoid making a statement.  Prospects who learn/discover misrepresentation will be lost as prospects.  If you do not agree in general with out definitions then, by all means, express your views in the free form text description field..

Please keep in mind that our Terms of Service prohibit any defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, misleading or illegal content or any other material that infringes on the rights of others or interferes with the ability of others to enjoy QRHal’s services.

Be aware that our Showcase Data Entry form is programmed to become non-functioning after 60 seconds of inactivity.  We do this for security reasons.  All data entered will be lost if the form is not complete in a single session but as long as some entry is being made with the form open the form will still be accessible.  Therefore, before entering the portal a person who wishes to create a Showcase should (1) review and be familiar with the various information pages found on our site, (2) produce and/or organize any videos, still photos, or any other image files of the vehicle to be showcased, (3) have detail information about the vehicle at hand, and (4) compose a less than 800 character text description of the vehicle.

Remember that once you select “REMIT SERVICE FEE” our system does not allow you to back up and make changes. Upon selection of the “REMIT SERVICE FEE” button you will be presented with a form you must complete to process fee payment through a debit or credit card. The firm that processes card payments for us is www.Stripe.com. We are not associated with Stripe.com in any other way.  We are not privy to any information that they require from you to process the fee payment. They may reject your card if not acceptable to them on their terms. If you are unable to remit a fee through card payment please contact us for possible payment by other means.

Once the fee payment process is complete you will be transferred to our homepage.  You will be receiving an email from us within minutes. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If nothing in your spam folder please contact us immediately at help@qrhal.com. You may also phone us at (225)435-9510 but we are not always able to respond immediately. If no answer, or answering service, please leave call back. Assuming everything works OK the email you receive will advise you as to your expected date of receipt of the QRHal.com icon labels which contain a QR code that links to your Showcase. The email itself will contain a link to the actual Showcase as the Showcase is visible to those who scan the QRHal.com code on the label we provide.  Should the QR code fail to display your Showcase please contact us immediately.  Upon receipt of the labels you should decide where you wish to affix the labels to the vehicle subject of the Showcase. And, make sure the QRHal.com icon on the label is visible to passers-by. The QRHal.com code is capable of being scanned even at distances of 5-10 feet but still it must be visible to a smartphone’s camera. After affixing the labels to the vehicle simply wait for prospect to be in contact.  We appreciate you employing our online signage services.

 PROSPECT CONTACT  - Each person who views your Showcase has the ability to request that we notify you of their interest. If they do, we send you an email with their contact information. If you authorize we will also send you the prospect's contact information by SMS message, i.e. "Quick Response". You will receive the SMS message immediately upon the prospect’s request.  Receipt of an SMS usually means that the prospect is still beside your vehicle.  Before a prospect 's contact information is sent to the person who creates a Showcase, our system requires that the prospect confirm that he/she has reviewed and understands the information set out in a showcase and is the buy/no buy decision maker. We do not send prospect contact information of those who do not confirm these two basic prospect pre-qualification questions.The contents of the email is complete, fairly self-explanatory, and serves as a permanent record of prospect information and associated Showcase.  However, email messages are not always immediately accessible by a seller at the time a prospect requests that his/her contact information be forwarded.  Further, a seller's time is valuable and the pleasantries of an email are not necessary in an SMS message.  In that cell phone service providers limit the number of characters in an SMS message the prospect contact information found in an SMS message is much more compressed than in the companion email.  An SMS message therefore requires a little interpretation.  A typical SMS contains only seven (7) basis bits of information separated by an *. and resembles this:

1994 Ford Ranger XLT*Paul Prospect*555-345-8657*anytime*Within 14 days*Somewhat Unwilling*1

and is interpreted as follows:

FIRST:   Year make model of vehicle subject of the Showcase in which a prospect is interested *

SECOND:   Prospect's first and last name *

THIRD:   Prospect's telephone contact number *

FOURTH:   Prospect's statement of time convenient to contact him/her *

FIFTH:   Prospect's statement of time frame in which he/she will be making buy/no buy decision *

SIXTH:   Prospect's statement of his/her willingness to share knowledge of their budget range *

   This consists of only one of four (4)  two word phrases. 

     VERY WILLING -   Means the prospect is willing to share “the full range” of his/her budget.

     SOMEWHAT WILLING -  Means the prospect is willing to share only “the top limit” of his/her budget.

     SOMEWHAT UNWILLING - Means the prospect is willing to share only the bottom limit” of his/her budget.

  VERY UNWILLING - Means that a prospect refuses to disclose any part of his/her budget.

SEVENTH:  The numerical statement of full range, top limit, or bottom limit of prospects budget 

 Of course, owners should take into consideration that prospects may not always give truthful responses to QRHal’s pre-qualification questions.

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