Q: Should I reflect my telephone number in my Showcase?

A: Of course not. That would nullify a major benefit of the QRHal.com service. Same answer if you want to show your phone number in the window of your vehicle along side the QRHal.com icon label. Further, if you make it possible for a prospect to call you direct you may never know who the prospect was. With our service you receive their name, email ID, usually a phone number, statement of a convenient time to contact them, and some measure of what might be their buying budget, i.e. partial qualification of a prospect. Traditional FOR SALE signs are incapable of doing any of those things.  Go ahead and let the public know your telephone number if you don’t mind taking incoming phone calls 24/7 - most of which will invariably be just as you are sitting down for a meal or just getting into bed. Let us know how that works out for you.

Q: Should I have/produce videos and photos before I begin to create a Showcase?

A: Definitely. Once a Showcase is created our system does not allow you to return to the data entry form to make any changes. Of course, you can always make another Showcase but that simply means another fee. We want a fee but no reason for you to waste money. Study our web pages, produce your videos, decide on text descriptions etc. before you start to complete the data entry form at the portal to QRHal’s service. You can certainly link to the form and review if you wish or you can review the contents here. When you link to the form to create a Showcase be prepared to complete all the fields in one session. If you leave the page before you select “REMIT SERVICE FEE” all entered data will be lost and you will have to complete again when you return. After you select “REMIT SERVICE FEE” you can not go back. That button creates the Showcase and QRHal.com icon label and entitles us to our fee.

Q: When making videos should I allow my vehicle license plate to be visible?

A.  Definitely not.  Even in still photos you should block view to prevent unexpected results.

Q: What should a video contain?

A.  Everything you would like a prospect to know about the vehicle for sale.  A major benefit of the QRHal.com patented system is that it gives every passer-by who personally sees your vehicle the ability to learn everything you, the owner/seller, want them to know even when you are not around.  You can make a video and show areas that are locked.  Video and describe engine compartment.  Tires.  Videos allow prospects to hear the engine crank and run.  Video the vehicle under power.  Further, through the QRHal.com system you, the owner/seller, can make immediate contact with those passing by who express interest in discussing purchase of the vehicle without a prospect ever knowing your phone number.   Even further, our patented system partially qualifies each prospect which allows you to pick and choose those prospects who you wish to speak with.  No more will you have to cope with incoming phone calls 24/7/365 that prove to be totally a waste of your valuable time.

Q: Must I have skills and knowledge about designing and programming web pages to create a Showcase?

A: No. Our system is simple and easy. Even your brother-in-law can help you fill in the form. The most difficult task you face is production of a video. Even that can be overcome by asking a friend who knows how to make videos with a smartphone to assist you. However, you would be smart to not ask your brother-in-law to help you with that. Worst comes to worst we might be able to refer you to someone in your area who can do it for you - probably not free though.

Q: Must I acquire a domain name and enter a website hosting contract to create an online Showcase?

A: Nope.

Q: Must I respond immediately when prospect contact information is delivered to me?

A: Only if you find it convenient and/or you want to. A traditional FOR SALE sign places an owner at the mercy of callers 24/7. Our system allows an owner to manage his/her time as desired. However, we recommend that an owner make every effort to immediately respond to SMS messages as almost without fail the prospect will be standing right beside the vehicle. The “Quick Response” allows you to discuss the vehicle with a prospect just as though you were standing there with the prospect beside the vehicle but without the prospect learning your telephone number.

Q: Should I leave my vehicle unlocked while I am not around?

A: Never. Not even if you have excellent theft and fire insurance.  A substantial benefit of the QRHal online signage is that an owner can park his vehicle where convenient, lock the vehicle, leave the vehicle unattended, yet still allow passers-by to view interior and under hood area, allow passers-by to hear the vehicle crank and run, allow passers-by to even view videos of the vehicle under power through self-produced video and audio presentations.

Q: Where can I buy a FOR SALE sign?

A: Many places including on our site. However, other than our sign service, not a single one allows you to make a video presentation of the vehicle you have for sale that is visible to prospects whether you are around the vehicle or miles away. Not only video presentation but audio as well. When making your video turn on audio and start your vehicle to let prospects hear how your vehicle cranks and sounds when running. Blow the horn when the door is locked. Prospects will be impressed. No other FOR SALE sign gives you that capability. Unfortunately even our FOR SALE sign won’t demonstrate how hot the heater is nor how cold the air conditioner is. However, if you include a close up of a thermometer sticking out the inside vents the results are close.

Q: Should I reflect the price I want for my vehicle on a FOR SALE sign?

A: On a traditional FOR SALE sign the answer is yes but not on the QRHal.com icon label.  If prospect know your asking price they may not want to review your Showcase nor even contact you.  You want prospects to review your Showcase.  When creating your Showcase enter the asking price in proper field on the data entry form. It will then appear on the Showcase but not the label. Tell people up front how much you want. If you do this you can rest assured that any person who inquires about your vehicle is prepared to pay somewhere close to what you are asking. If you put $1 asking price you never know who you lost as a prospect. Further, our Terms of Service state that we reserve the right to disable Showcases that reflect $1 asking price. That’s because we don’t think anybody is actually wanting to sell their vehicle for $1. If you do want to sell for $1, ask us first. We may buy it on the spot - unless it’s under water or on fire or really, really “hot” like in stolen. We’ve enjoyed that experience before.

Q: How should I tell prospects my vehicle’s MPG fuel economy?

A: Simple. Don’t. Fuel economy for a used car will vary for many reasons, including driving conditions and how the car is driven and maintained. Instead, before you create a showcase log on to


enter year, make, and model of your vehicle to get EPA estimates for your vehicle when new. On the site you can print a nice “official” looking chart of the result which you can handout to prospects. If you print or save the the chart as a .pdf file before you create your showcase you can then open the pdf file and re-save as an image jpeg file. The jpeg file can be uploaded in your showcase.

Q: Will people be able to search this site looking for particular year, make, model of vehicles?

A: No. This site is not a site on which vehicles for sale are advertised. This site allows sellers to create unique video, audio, and text presentation of a vehicle for sale which people who pass by the vehicle are able to access and view while standing beside the vehicle. We sell signs and services. We do not sell vehicles. If the passer-by want to know more about your vehicle, or is interested in discussing purchase of your vehicle, the passer-by can ask us to send you his/her contact information. We send that to you - including the prospect’s statement about his budget and the level of his/her urgency for making the buy/no buy decision - at the email address you give to us. If you authorize us we will also send the same information to you by SMS message. A major benefit of our service is that, if you want to speak to the prospect, you have the ability to immediately, i.e. a “Quick Response”, contact the prospect while the prospect is still physically beside the vehicle. The prospect is never aware of your telephone number until you tell the prospect

Q: What should I do if my vehicle does not sell within the time period during which the QRHal.com icon label is effective?

A: We would suggest that you re-evaluate your asking price - and your salesman skills - then create a new showcase. The QRHal.com icon label is designed with the idea that passers-by to the vehicle will be attracted to the label and develop the incentive to seek further discussion about your vehicle. Most properly priced vehicles will sell almost immediately. However, there may be valid reasons why one does not even at the right price. Try to determine what factors were in play that kept you from entering an acceptable arrangement within 75 days. Then address those factors.

Q: What are the best places on my vehicle to display the QRHal.com icon label?

A: Never place the label on the windshield unless the vehicle is totally immobile. A QRHal.com icon label is a 24/7/365 salesman and will never cause you to field an incoming telephone call at anytime day or night. We send out two (2) 5 ½ inch by 8 ½ inch bright color icon labels that have easy remove adhesive on the back.  Our experience is that  they work best when affixed to glass.  If edges peel up simply press back down.  Always first clean the surface on which the label will be affixed.  Of course, you can simply place the label anywhere inside the vehicle they are visible to the public and the QR code icon can be scanned. We recommend, however, that you remove the material protecting the adhesive then affix the labels to windows that are behind driver and passenger doors. That allows the labels to be seen while you are driving around town. Believe it or not the QR code that is on the label is visible and can be scanned from a distance of 5-10 feet without any trouble.  Test it yourself.  Of course, if you decide to place the labels inside the vehicle you should test scan from outside the vehicle to be sure the QR code actually links to your showcase. The QR code can be scanned from a moving vehicle. People in vehicles next to you at traffic lights and traveling at reasonable speeds will be able to access your showcase even though they only see the label for seconds. It is almost impossible to capture a telephone number on a traditional FOR SALE sign from a moving vehicle.

Q: Will the QRHal.com icon label damage my vehicle?

A: Highly unlikely. The adhesive is one that is easily removable from glass or body panel. Should there be any residue, we are certain that a small amount of common alcohol on a cloth and a little elbow grease will get rid it. The adhesive is not the kind that one must scrape and scrape to remove. No tools needed.

Q: Is the QRHal.com online signage service available throughout the world?

A: Yes, but our basic fee covers delivery of the QRHal icon label to a physical address within the 50 states. If you wish delivery to any address other than within the 50 United Sates of America you should contact us first to remit additional fees.

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