Blank3_984654855.jpgA traditional FOR SALE sign in a vehicle window will get an owner/seller more attention than might be thought at first blush but traditional FOR SALE signs have fallen into disuse because of several drawbacks. Among those drawbacks:

  • The traditional FOR SALE sign forces an owner to reveal a telephone number. Revealing a telephone number to the general public invites the nightmare of coping with incoming telephone calls 24/7. Almost invariably a substantial number of these calls will be disruptive to whatever else a vehicle owner is doing - or wants to do - at time of the call.

  • The traditional FOR SALE sign is not able to convey comprehensive information about the vehicle for sale. Even if a traditional FOR SALE sign had the ability to convey detailed description of the condition of every aspect of a vehicle, an owner would still need to be prepared to answer the same questions about the vehicle condition over and over again because some people would simply fail to read the sign.

  • The traditional FOR SALE sign is incapable of conveying information through video or audio presentations. The traditional FOR SALE sign is not even capable of incorporating still photos and certainly the traditional FOR SALE sign can not allow a potential buyer to hear a vehicle engine running nor see a vehicle under power.

  • Further, unless an owner of a vehicle with a FOR SALE sign leaves the vehicle unlocked when away from the vehicle potential buyers are prevented from making a thorough inspection. QRHal does not recommend that an owner of a vehicle for sale ever be far away from the vehicle while unlocked.

  • Finally, a traditional FOR SALE sign is unable to even partially qualify potential buyers. The owner of a vehicle with a traditional FOR SALE sign on it must be prepared to spend time talking with callers who, for one reason or another, an owner may not wish to invest valuable time with discussing something that will never be. One example of a reason an owner may not wish to speak with a person who inquires about a vehicle for sale is that the caller may not intend to make the buy/no buy decision within the time frame in which the owner wishes to sell the vehicle. An owner who spends time talking with such a “prospect” is simply wasting valuable time.

QRHal’s modern high-tech patented online signage service substantially surmounts the above described drawbacks of the traditional FOR SALE sign. QRHal’s patented online signage service allows an owner of a vehicle that is for sale to prominently display a QRHal icon label on the vehicle.  QRHal's icon label is designed to be very eye-catching and initiate curiousity. The QRHal icon label can include or exclude the words “FOR SALE”. With QRHal’s icon an owner is able to 24/7/365:

  • park his/her vehicle where ever he/she chooses - assuming the location is not offensive to others nor in violation of law
  • be away from the vehicle
  • keep the vehicle locked
  • allow prospects to view videos of the vehicle including videos of areas hidden from casual view
  • allow prospects to listen to audio comments about the vehicle
  • allow prospects to listen to the vehicle’s engine starting and running.
  • allow prospects to see the vehicle actually moving under power.
  • provide prospects with detail textual description of the sale offering
  • receive prospects contact information by email
  • optionally also receive prospect contact information by SMS for immediate contact with prospect
  • partially qualify prospects.

all without the effort and cost of acquiring an internet domain OR hiring third parties to design and code an online website AND without revealing the owner’s telephone number to the public. Unless the person who creates a showcase requests to deliver a prospective buyer’s contact information to them by SMS, even will not know an owner’s telephone number.

QRHal’s icon label is designed to draw a passer-by’s attention to the vehicle - even if the passer-by is not currently in the market to buy a vehicle - and further to cause a passer-by to scan the QRHal icon with his/her smartphone. Immediately upon scanning the QRHal icon the owner’s Showcase is visible on the passer-by’s smartphone. Virtually everyone who scans the QRHal icon - whether they are in the market for a vehicle or not - will review the owner’s Showcase. Then viewers of the owner’s Showcase who wish to discuss possible purchase of the vehicle can instruct QRHal, through a form accessible to a prospect, to provide their contact information to the owner. That allows the owner to decide the time which is convenient for the owner to contact a prospect. If an owner has authorized QRHal to dispatch prospect contact information by SMS, the owner will be able to make contact with the prospect while the prospect is still at the vehicle. Unless an owner intentionally discloses his/her contact information in the Showcase text description, or directly to a prospect whose contact information forwards to the owner, an owner will never have to cope with an untimely telephone call from a prospect. It is the owner who decides which potential prospect he/she wishes to contact and when.

QRHal's icon label...

makes the traditional FOR SALE sign