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image_rightBefore the advent of the internet an owner of a vehicle had only a few ways to make the public aware that the vehicle might be for sale. The two most prominent ways were placing an ad in the classified section of a newspaper or placing a FOR SALE sign in the vehicle window. Newspaper advertising space has never been inexpensive - particularly when considering that the value of the vehicle for sale may be low. Now the internet presents an owner a relatively inexpensive, and in some cases free, way to make the public aware that a vehicle is for sale. However advertising a vehicle for sale on an internet website is not far advanced over traditional ways, except that some sites have a search feature whereby people can find a particular year, make or model vehicle in their price range, to make the public aware that a vehicle is for sale. The same logistical issues exist. Further, people in Washington state probably have no interest in vehicles for sale in Miami, Florida unless the vehicle is exotic.

QRHal.com is a modern way to make the public aware that a vehicle is for sale but this website does not provide a search feature. In fact, this website is not technically a site on which a vehicle owner advertises a vehicle for sale. Instead this is a website that offers an owner of a vehicle which is for sale - typically a car, truck, motorcycle, motorhome, golf cart, ATV, but also heavy equipment and water craft - a patented online signage service that allows the owner to create a webpage - we call this webpage an owner’s Showcase - on which an owner may have video and audio presentations as well as photos and text descriptions about the vehicle for sale.

An owner’s Showcase is powered by “Quick Response” Hal’s computer system. Some visitors have probably never heard of QRHal’s ancestral eponym - Hal 9000. Google him. Hal 9000 couldn’t - or wouldn’t - do certain things. Even when Dave asked him nicely. QRHal also can not do certain things but QRHal can do - and will do for Dave and you - what no other signage service is capable of doing currently. Stated simply the QRHal.com online signage service makes the traditional FOR SALE sign obsolete.

The traditional FOR SALE sign tends to be a hassle for an owner as it essentially forces an owner to reveal a contact number to the public. QRHal’s patented system (1) allows an owner to make the public aware that a vehicle is for sale (2) does not require the owner to reveal a telephone number yet (3) allows an owner to make immediate contact with a prospect who expresses interest in the vehicle. Further, QRHal’s system allows an owner to qualify, although in a limited fashion, all prospects. Only QRHal.com gives an owner this capability.

Partial Prospect Qualification

The owner of a vehicle for sale must be a salesperson. An astute sales person needs to be aware that he/she can partially pre-qualify prospects with knowledge of the answer to but four questions. The traditional FOR SALE sign is incapable of providing an owner with answers to those four questions. QRHal’s online signage system can provide the owner the answer to those questions for each prospect without prospect having knowledge of the vehicle owner’s telephone number.

First question: Has the prospect reviewed and understood the detail information in the owner's Showcase?

QRHal’s patented system requires a prospect to confirm that he/she has reviewed an owner’s Showcase about the vehicle that the owner has for sale. The prospect must further confirm that he/she has considered and understands the owner’s statement of the vehicle’s condition. In theory at least QRHal’s service will minimize the time an owner must devote to answering the same question over and over about features and conditions that are set out with particularity on the owner’s showcase.

Second question: Is the prospect the person who will be making the buy/no buy decision?

An owner can more efficiently manage his/her time simply by not having to communicate with “lookers” or “tire kickers” who are not the actual decision maker. QRHal’s patented system is designed such that when a prospect wishes to discuss purchase of a vehicle subject of an owner’s Showcase the prospect must overtly indicate that he/she is the person who will make the buy/no buy decision. QRHal’s system does not provide contact information to an owner if the looker does not claim to be a decision maker.

Third question: In what time frame does the prospect intend to make the buy/no buy decision?

QRHal’s patented system requires a prospect to indicate the time frame in which he/she will make the buy/no buy decision. A prospect does this by indicating the decision will be made “Immediately” or “Within 7 days” or “Within 14 days” or “Undecided”. With knowledge of the immediacy of a prospect’s desire to buy a vehicle an owner can decide whether he/she wishes to even speak with the prospect. Some people just like to talk with owners of vehicles for sale with no intention of ever buying.

Fourth question: Is the prospect willing to disclose his/her range of a buying budget?

QRHal’s patented system requires a prospect to indicate the level of his/her willingness to disclose the range of a buying budget to the owner. A prospect who requests that their contact information be provided to the person who created the Showcase is required to indicate the level of his/her willingness by disclosing (a) the full range, (b) the top limit, or (c) the bottom limit of his/her budget. If a prospect is not willing to disclose any knowledge of their budget that prospect is required to overtly state that fact before their contact information will be forwarded to the owner of a vehicle subject of a showcase..

We define the prospect's willingness to disclose his/her budget as follows:

VERY WILLING   -     Means “the full range” of a prospect’s budget.

SOMEWHAT WILLING   -   Means “the top limit” of a prospect’s budget.

SOMEWHAT UNWILLING  -   Means “the bottom limit” of a prospect’s budget.

VERY UNWILLING  -  Means that a prospect refuses to disclose any part of his/her budget.

Of course, owners should take into consideration that prospects may not always give truthful responses to QRHal’s pre-qualification questions.

To employ QRHal’s patented online signage service an owner must create a Showcase. To do this an owner must first decide the services he/she wish before entering QRHal’s unique, user-friendly Showcase creation portal. There an owner may upload video and audio presentations, or still photos, and compose a detailed text description of the vehicle for sale. QRHal’s patented system then automatically converts the data input into an online presentation. This presentation is fully responsive meaning it is visible on smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. At the same time QRHal’s system creates, and dispatches to the owner, an eye catching, highly visible QRHal icon label. Upon receipt of the label an owner is obligated to affix the label to the vehicle for sale. On this label is an icon which, when scanned with a QR code reader installed on a smartphone or other mobile device, will allow those who pass by a vehicle to immediately view the owner’s Showcase on smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, desktops, and laptops.

Of course, there is a fee - a very nominal fee - for our service.  Even though payment of a fee is necessary there is no need for a vehicle owner to establish an “account”.  Every transaction is free standing and unassociated with prior or future transactions.  We collect only minimal information about an owner.  We suggest that vehicle owner’s review our Privacy Policy should there be any concern about what information we do collect.  Of course we do charge a fee for our service but an owner remits that fee through a payment servicing provider.  It is that payment servicing provider which collects any personal information about an owner.  The payment servicing provider does not share that information with us.  QRHal.com does not even have knowledge of an owner’s banking relationships.  All we ask of an owner before being able to initiate the QRHal online signage service is first name, last name, mailing address, email ID and, of course, remittance of our fee.  For those owners who elect to receive prospect contact information by SMS message we also need to know the telephone number to which we should direct the SMS message.  We do maintain a data base of owner and prospect contact information and a record of fee remittances.  All of the records which we archive are only for our internal use.  We do employ google analytics but we do not provide owner name, address, email ID, telephone number, or fee payment information to any prospect or any third party nor do we provide prospect contact information to anyone other than the person who creates a Showcase.  We do not provide anyone, and specifically not a prospect, with an owner’s telephone number.  It is strictly within the power of the person who creates a Showcase as to when an owner’s telephone number or email ID is revealed to a prospect.

Of course, an owner is free to describe a vehicle for sale as he wishes - except we forbid fraudulent representations - but we suggest that the detail information on a Showcase not include a telephone number as that would be counterproductive to a major benefit of our service. To emphasize, we do not countenance frauds and misrepresentations by either the person who creates a Showcase nor a prospect who requests that we provide contact information to an owner. When we discover that either an owner or prospect has employed our service to defraud, or attempt to defraud, the other - or anyone including us - we will not provide our service to that person again. All visitors to our site should review our Terms of Service.

The fee for employing QRHal's online signage service is for a 45 day period from date of payment of the fee.  During that period an owner is not allowed to modify the showcase. If an owner wishes to make any change in the detail information on the showcase the owner must create another unique showcase and get a new QRHal icon label. At the end of the 45 day period (actually 48 days for reason we allow three days for delivery of the QRHal icon label) QRHal.com automatically discontinues providing prospect contact information to the owner and disables the owner's showcase. The person who creates a Showcase can, at any time, cause the QRHal.com system to discontinue providing prospect contact information simply by removing the label from the vehicle.  In theory sale of the vehicle causes the label to be removed from the vehicle and no further prospect contact information will be forthcoming as the label would no longer be visible.

QRHal's icon label...

makes the traditional FOR SALE sign