Regular Service Fee $19.99.
Limited Time Introductory Offer $9.99.


Wait a minute!!!

Our online signage service is based upon completion of a Showcase Data Entry form. This form contemplates that videos produced or provided by you will be uploaded. If you are only reviewing our site without intention of completing the Showcase Data Entry form go ahead and enter the portal. Review as you wish. If, however, you intend to complete the data entry form and create a Showcase with videos, you should produce those videos, or have videos produced by others, available before you start completion of the form or you risk loss of data which you enter. However, there is no harm done if you have to suspend completion of the Showcase Data Entry form to make videos. Just do not select the "REMIT SERVICE FEE" button at the bottom of the Showcase Data Entry form until after you are satisfied with the data entered and all videos have fully uploaded.

Also be fully cognizant that once you select the "REMIT SERVICE FEE" you will be transferred to a payment processing site. This site is not under our control. If you do not complete their requirements for debit/credit card information your showcase will not be created. When you complete the payment processing site's requirements your Showcase will be created with whatever data and videos you entered. The data can not be changed after creation of the Showcase. If you decide to change the data or videos you will be required to create a new Showcase and pay another fee. You will also receive new labels. If you do create a new Showcase the old labels will still be active until expiration of the service period. If you do not want prospects reviewing the old Showcase simply destroy the old labels.

Therefore, save yourself some agony or angst. Review the site Tutorial and FAQ and Terms of Service and Privacy Statement pages, and have your videos available for upload, before you begin to complete the Showcase Data Entry form.